Cruèl believes in the importance of the environment and will stand for a wholesome and a sustainable nature on this earth.


Cruèl will engage in sustainability investors, suppliers, consumers and including employees. 

We as a brand do not use animal products because we consider the welfare of animals. We find it important that no animals are used to develop apparel in the fashion industry. 


We got multiple core values in our company, one is to express yourself and to be who you want to be in life, which results in more creativity and diversity in this world. With that mindset, we believe that freedom of association is very essential. 


Cruèl​ only revert to switch to productions when we receive an new order so that we do not consume any unnecessary substances at the end of each serie. As example this is why our customers receive their order within 7 work days after placing a new order at

As a fashion brand we are switching to a better way of producing clothes. With regard to the use of chemicals, water and energy, we are working with our factories to reduce this. 






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Express yourself, be CRUÈL.


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