CRUÈL believes in the importance of environmental preservation and stands for a healthy, sustainable future for the earth.

For this reason, CRUÈL engages with conscious investors, suppliers, consumers and employees.


We find it important that no animals are harmed during the development of our apparel and the fashion industry at large, therefore we as a brand do not use animal products. Currently, CRUÈL uses Dead stock Fabrics & Textile Waste for the production of our pieces. You might be wondering “What are Dead stock Fabrics & Textile Waste?”.

Dead stock Fabrics are leftover fabrics of other fashion designers, brands or manufacturers, who overestimated their need and cannot use or sell all the fabrics rolls they have purchased. These fabrics are considered Textile Waste. Instead of getting those fabrics thrown away, CRUÈL rescues these dead stock fabrics and gives them a second chance for revival to make the best of our collections. By doing so, you get good quality fabrics without polluting the planet, the fabrics wonʼt

be wasted and you get to update your wardrobe with CRUÈL collections.

As a brand we are always looking for a better way of producing clothes with regard to the use of chemicals, water and energy. We are working with our factories to reduce these factors.

Expressing yourself and being who you want to be in life are amongst our most important values as a brand because this results in more creativity and diversity in this world. With that mindset, freedom is essential, which is only created through being kind to the earth and kind to each other.