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Welcome to CRUÈL, the ultimate destination for fashion-forward individuals. Our mission is to provide you with quality clothing that makes you look and feel your best. We believe in inclusivity and diversity in fashion, and we cater to all sizes and budgets. Our vision is to be the trendsetter in the fashion industry and to inspire self-expression through clothing. Shop our collections in-store or online and experience our dedication to excellence.


CRUÈL reflects on our contemporary society through its idiosyncratic apparels. Rooted at the heart of Amsterdam, CRUÈL finds that its identity is heavily shaped by the city’s strong cultural heritage that marks creativity and freedom amongst the most important things in life. CRUÈL believes expressing yourself is a necessity, not a contingency and encourages each individual to be exactly who they want to be by thinking, saying, doing and wearing what they want. Inspired by today’s world CRUÈL creates for society, by society. 

Express yourself, be CRUÈL.

CRUÈL was established in 2018 by founder, CEO & designer William Ampofo. Ampofo was raised in a culture that taught him creativity would not lead to success so he pursued a legal degree, but soon realized he couldn’t suppress the urge to create. He left behind his parents' expectations and faced his fears by enrolling at fashion school, where he found his passion for design. Originally specializing in trousers and denim, Ampofo didn’t always go by the book, but created his own way of working with fabrics and experimenting with deconstruction and reconstruction of his pieces. With his expressionist approach to design, he found a way to translate his philosophy of life to a wide audience through his creations  and so CRUÈL was born. 


CRUÈL offers men’s, women’s and unisex collections that consist of timeless designs with an avant-garde touch. The pieces guide the wearer to the edge of their comfort zone, encouraging them to dare to express their true self. Wearing a CRUÈL piece is a reminder to take your chances without fear. The collections are defined by William Ampofo's signature eye for detail, focus on fabrics and the art of deconstruction. 

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Founder & Designer of CRUÈL


William Ampofo

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