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Looking for a clothing store that offers more than just the latest fashion trends? At CRUÈL, we believe that fashion is more than just the clothes you wear. That's why we've created a brand with a unique DNA and distinct positioning, designed to empower individuals to express themselves through fashion. Browse our collection and discover your next statement piece.


Our Product:

CRUÈL offers men’s, women’s and unisex collections that consist of timeless designs with an avant-garde touch. Inspired by today’s world CRUÈL creates for society, by society.

CRUÈL believes that expressing yourself is a necessity, not a contingency and encourages

each individual to be exactly who they want to be. 


The pieces guide the wearer to the edge of their comfort zone, encouraging them to dare to express their true self. Wearing a CRUÈL piece is a reminder to take your chances without fear. The collections are defined by William Ampofo's signature eye for detail, focus on fabrics and the art of deconstruction. 

Our Name:

CRUÈL, means to be cruel; to be cruel in the way one expresses oneself.

To be truly authentic in your identity. Express yourself, be CRUÈL.

Our visual identity:

An avant-garde feel, through the enigmatic structures of the silhouettes - creating an easy way to appear as authentically expressive in the public eye.

The communication strategy:


Guiding individuals to communicate with us in the most efficient and effective way is one of our core values. Through this, we have been able to grow into the brand that we are today.

We communicate through important social media platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, Whatsapp, blogposts and weekly newsletters; to be inspired, and to inspire. 

The price:


Our unique price combination has been calculated through the cost of the art of deconstruction by using quality deadstock fabrics and vegan leather - making it as sustainable as possible. 

This is how we support the green future of our generation - and the many more to come.

 Our products range from: €90,- to €1100,00,-.

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