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CRUÈL Personal Shopping Experience LIVE NOW


At the end of 2021 CRUÈL opened its new showroom in the middle of Amsterdam. This showroom is meant for our latest concept: The Personal Shopping Experience!

What is the Personal Shopping Experience?

The Personal Shopping Experience (PSE) allows people to shop our new collections not only online, but also physically with us so that we can bring you the Cruèlest experience anytime and anywhere. The process of the PSE concept consists of three stages:

Stage one is called: Screening + Preferences. Here we will process the information that was provided by you through an online survey such as length, (shoe) size, and preference for style or fabric. This information will be used to make a selection of items before the appointment starts. Furthermore, your wishes, such as budget or number of items are also taken into account in this stage.

After that we will move on to the next stage: Preparations + Selection. Here we will select items from our collection for you based on the information that was provided to us in stage one. There will also be a possibility for you to choose your own selection of items if you wish. The selected items will then be presented to you. A designated CRUÈL staff member will prepare a pitch explaining why these items have been selected and will give advice on how you can style the outfits with items you already have at home.

This leads to stage three: Advice + Purchase. This is the part where you will have time to change and try on the items, after which the CRUÈL staff member discusses with you if you like the looks or not. If everything is to your liking, you have the possibility to purchase the items (which is not mandatory). For this we will personally place an order which will then be delivered to you in 8 days. We will also provide you with drinks, snacks and a personal look book which you can bring home. The look book will contain the outfits that we have selected including tips, tricks and a variety of ways in which you can style them. This way you can make the most out of your CRUÈL items.

Online Experience: PSE Online

If you're not able to come and visit us in our showroom in Amsterdam, no worries! We also offer the same experience online! For this we will set up a Zoom meeting where we can showcase and present our selected items to you with a Powerpoint presentation. There will also be a CRUÈL model present during this meeting so you can see how the items fit on a person. For this we will also send you your personal look book which can be used for inspiration and reference. If everything is to your liking, we can personally place an order for you which will then be delivered to you in 8 days.

With this concept, we want to give each and every one of our guests our fully devoded attention, so you can experience PSE in the Cruèlest way possible. CRUÈL believes expressing yourself is a necessity, not a contingency. We encourages each individual to be exactly who they want to be by thinking, saying, doing and wearing what they want. Inspired by today’s world CRUÈL creates for society, by society.

You can sign up for the CRUÈL Personal Shopping Experience now using the button down below!

We can't wait to experience this together with you, see you soon!

Express yourself, be CRUÈL.

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