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The CRUÈL FW22 Runway Show tickets are available now at cruelinc.com.

We would like to invite you, CRUÈL will host its 7th runway show at the Patronage, Zaandam-Amsterdam, The Netherlands showcasing the CRUÈL FW22 ‘An Essence of Void Ardour' collection.

Claim your ticket now for a spot at the FW22 runway show use the button down below. You will receive a email once confirmed.


The Runway Show will take place on Friday, March 25th at 17:30 PM CEST


Welcome to CRUÈL FW22 'An Essence of Void Ardour’.

In the FW22 collection, CRUÈL addresses a void feeling of abandoned inner peace. This collection is inspired by – and created in - a lost state of dis-belonging. The state of a pure soul in search of its own identity without a a guiding figure, nor exemplary aura. A symbolization of the acute desire for deep-seated acceptance.

This collection offers its spectators and wearers an intimate look into the profound vulnerability of the human conscience. Implementing cloudy camo tones into the familiar CRUÈL palette of crisp monotones, FW22 translates unbridled emotions into deconstructed, wearable, avant-garde styles. With dynamic proportions and futuristic shapes, this collection captures the essence of a CRUÈL identity.

A sensitive design story about abandonment, as told through the deconstruction of high quality, vegan and sustainable fabrics. A symbiosis of acknowledgement and acceptance, that facilitate an appreciation for life’s raw experiences.

Express yourself, be CRUÈL.


Possible by Hooghoudt, De Patronage and Eventix

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