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CRUÈL FW20 Serie Five Demure Shadow

Updated: Apr 28, 2020

CRUÈL FW20 Serie Five Demure Shadow.

Welcome to the new world, a world with an absence of light. A world with diseases, racism, bad politics, broken souls, fear, darkness and war. Together we are going through these uncertain times. Situations never fully explain themselves, just like art never fully explains itself. Inspired by the absence of light, CRUÈL has created a vision of optimism, a vision in which fear, diseases, racism, bad politics, broken souls & darkness can’t win.

For FW20, CRUÈL uses the emotion of fear on the one hand, and the transparency of optimism on the other, to translate this into the FW20 Demure Shadow collection. A collection of silhouettes and styles, created through the deconstruction of black&white and the use of transparent layers. CRUÈL presents a collection that empowers humanity for happiness, optimism, creativity and diversity in the new world, CRUÈL presents the​ FW20 Demure Shadow Collection.

Face the absence of light with CRUÈL.

Express yourself, be CRUÈL.

CRUÈL FW20 Demure Shadow

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