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CRUÈL Conversation Talk by Founder William Ampofo

CRUÈL is a Amsterdam-based fashion house established in 2018 by Founder/CEO & Designer William Ampofo. William grew up in a culture where creativity does not lead to succes, but he soon realized that he was unhappy without doing anything creative. He followed a legal studie because it was safe and in the comfort zone. That was what his parents wanted. Ampofo was afraid of disappointments and so he limited himself. Nevertheless, he had taken the risk to stop his legal education and to follow his passion by going to the Jeans School. There William started to design pants in his own way and not to think according the book. Then he realized that he inspired others through that. He felt much more himself than with the legal education.

He wanted to spread this way of thinking with others and that’s how CRUÈL was born. CRUÈL is there to offers a men’s and women’s collection with timeless designs and accessories with a expressionism background to guide people in creativity and freedom.

William Ampofo is a designer that encourage young and old to become dare to express themselves in every way and not to be afraid to take their chances, CRUÈL gives you this reminder.

Through William Ampofo interests in expressionism, art, architecture, music and the contemporary culture of today's society. An new way of expressiveness has been created.

The collections are defined by William Ampofo's signature. With an eye focust on details, fabrics and deconstruction.

CRUÈL is specialized to translate the philosophy of expressing yourself in idiosyncratic apparels of today's fashion.

This is an exclusive event. Limited available tickets. Be fast and get your tickets now.

Express yourself, Be CRUÈL.

CRUÈL Conversation Talk by William Ampofo.

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