Welcome to CRUÈL SS22 ‘An Obliteration in Amorous Spheres’.

A collection created in a state of detachment from reality, in a space where obliteration makes way for a fertile dawn.

SS22 brings CRUÈL’s wearable avant-garde styles in high-quality, sustainable fabrics, that showcase CRUÈLS cunning signature designs as a symbol of optimism for the future, laced with the nostalgic influences of the past.

Central to this season’s CRUÈL designs stand growth and healing, marked by a balance of distinct contrasting elements that are representative of vacillating emotions. The collection highlights an artistic flirtation between sharp silhouettes, exaggerated proportions and warm brown shades, melted together through CRUÈLS notorious play with deconstruction.

Armouring its wearers with strength and stability, this collection is an acknowledgement of growth through love. A moment to appreciate the experience of love through its emotional and aesthetic sensibility.

Express yourself, be CRUÈL.

CRUÈL SS22 ‘An Obliteration in Amorous Spheres’.